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aboutus1About Us

SSSGS, a 501 non profit organization serves not only Pacific Islander youth but all the youth and adults of gateway cities of Southern California (Cerritos, Long Beach, Artesia, Lakewood, Bellflower, Signal Hill, Lomita and Carson).

We deal with the tough problems facing Pacific Islander families, especially problems that diminish their chances for a rewarding future.  We help offer solutions that empower them to develop the practical and emotional skills to lead healthy and productive lives.  We supply food each month to help families make ends meet.  We provide after-school programs and college scholarships to youth.  We promote lifestyle changes to fight diabetes and obesity.

Nearly alone amoung our local social services agencies, SSS (Samoan *Strength*Sincerity) Good Samaritan reinforces the kinds of values that gives our Pacific Islander community its steadfast character.  At the same time, we use these values to fortify the connection between our community and what is best in American socieity.

Our volunteers and board of directors focus their combined talents and resources to lead SSS Good Samaritan toward excellence.



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Thank you

to all of our High School Volunteers

Thank You Morongo



Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich and improve the lives of, not only Pacific Islander youth, but for all the youth in Southern California through programs in education, health, and personal development. 

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Linda Sanchez

U.S. Representative for California’s 38th Congressional  District

Thank you for supporting our Thanksgiving event

– SSSGS Board Members



All of us, from SSSGS Organization, want all of you to know, that your thoughtfulness and generosity has provided the necessary means to renew and continued our programs to assist in the molding and building of better youth for our community.

Many thanks for your generous support.  Words cannot express our deep and sincere appreciation for your generous contributions, making possible our great goal.