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We are committed to keeping families together whenever possible and to strengthening family systems.  We value young people as vital resources and partners in finding solutions to both personal and social problems.  Therefore, we work to help cultivate youth’s strengths and value their uniqueness.


  • We are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of practice within our programs and our organization.
  • We adapt to meet the changing needs of the youth, families and communities we serve.
  • We act in way of harmony with our mission.


  • We take seriously our responsibility for the health and well being of those under our care.
  • We demonstrate genuine caring for the youth, families, and communities we serve.


Our Services

The SSS Good Samaritan has provided a much-needed service in “Southern California” since 1989.  We have been strengthening our community by provideing high-quality, life-enriching mentoring relationships for kids by pairing them with caring adult volunteers who have been recruited, screened ,trained, and supervised by our staff.

We service:

Children and young adults (ages 10-17) who may be physically or emotionally abused or neglected and need a safe place to go.

  • Youth in emotional crisis cannot resolve problems with their parents while living at home.
  • Youth with problems that keep them from attending school.
  • Youth and families who want help improving communication.
  • Youth who are involved in violence – relationship (domestic violence).

We exist to help people, primarily children and youth, who are in distressed or poverty stricken situation to brighten the future for a little one, giving opportunity to grow, learn, excel and live life to be productive human beings.

SSS Good Samaritan Association strives to encourage children of all ages and backgrounds to discover the joy of growth though study and academic achievement.